Winter Escape with the Motorhome

Long term discounts are often retained in the wintering places, which we call on the next page. Those who prefer plots, receive information on the parking space app “mobile life” of promobil. It is available for Android and iPhone users each in a free and a paid version. Especially for long-term stays abroad, the latter may prove advantageous because thanks to the integrated offline card saves expensive roaming charges among others.

Southern Spain as a destination is relatively low to achieve. Those who can be on time of arrival, place toll-free alternatives to highways. Actuator and campsites have often adjusted to the needs of winter visitors who every now and then get together to support each other, to organize joint ventures and activities and more.

The variety of possible targets is otherwise out there, from the Canary Islands to Morocco, Portugal, Sardinia, southern Italy to Croatia, Montenegro and Greece. About the different climatic conditions should make themselves knowledgeable. For example, in Croatia, but also in Catalonia, it can sometimes be quite chilly and windy in winter. And the climate is chilly indeed. Where only a few winter Volatile are traveling, there is usually the bigger challenges – from the linguistic understanding of the shopping, the accessibility of attractions through to medical care.

Thorough preparation is important

For gas supply: Around 300 different connection systems are used in Europe. Two Europe-sets are available for camping commercially, the Europe-filling set with four adapters for filling the usual in Germany gas cylinders and the Europa collection kit with four adapters with which you can connect other gas cylinders.

Worth considering is the purchase of a gas bottle tank that can be filled at LPG filling stations itself. A little pricey, you can make do with the blue butane gas bottles Campingaz offered throughout Europe. Detailes about gas, see the gas promobil special.

Checklist for wintering in the south with the camper.
What else you need to reconsider? Here are the key points.

✓ For the running costs at home Dauerauftrag or debit authorizations obtained; Setting any online banking.
✓ Organize your time – who empties the mailbox, water the plants, looking for home and garden, winter service accepts etc.
✓ Complete health check practitioner and control at the dentist.
✓ Health situation check; if necessary, enter into additional insurance.
✓ Check if any additional insurance or a foreign Schutzbrief are meaningful.
✓ Make multiple copies from the main papers and deposit them in various places, as emergency numbers.
✓ Ensure that identification and/or passport and the HU of the vehicle long enough are valid.
✓ You can make a workshop check before departure. Here you can clarify whether the journey will be through countries where the winter tires are mandatory.
✓ Clarify which vaccinations and other measures are required for accompanying pets if necessary.
✓ Promobil order as a digital subscription.

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Installation of the Second-Board Battery in the Camper

A second on-board battery in the motorhome increases the independence from the shore power and is virtually on long trips. We looked at the installation at Caravan Metropol in Bautzen.

Especially older campers often lack in battery capacity. If space is available, a second energy storage can but fairly easy to retrofit – best if already pending an exchange, because the secondary battery needs in terms of type, manufacturer and capacity in accordance with the first.

In addition, the existing battery should be no longer than half a year in operation. In practice, this means that usually two new batteries. In addition to the space – as close to the primary battery – you should keep the load of the automobile in mind here.

First you made depending on an additional positive and negative cables. The cable cross-section of the rule of thumb: The line should be at least as thick as the thickest cable else in the vehicle. A cross-section of 35 square millimeters is sufficient as a rule. The positive lead is marked with a red shrink tube, blue connects the negative poles. Before installing, ensure that current no longer flows.

The correct wiring and connection sequence is crucial: Only one connects the positive poles of the batteries, then the negative terminals. The positive cable of the vehicle is connected to the battery one, the negative leads to battery two – which avoids an unequal burden.

An isolated end wrench ensures safety when working at the poles. Finally, you can protect the positive poles. The charger must have enough charging current – at least ten percent of the battery capacity – provide with the appropriate characteristics.

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